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A total of 4 luxury suites were designed in the heart of Athens on the 6th floor of an industrial complex.

Having a breathtaking view of the Acropolis, we designed these spaces with soft minimalism in mind to direct all focus to the glorious monuments in sight.

To best serve the spaces and ensure to perfectly compliment, we custom built everything from the elevated bedframes, sofas, dining area and kitchens.


  • Photography - @Vangelis Paterakis

Papadogamvros Athinas1088.jpg
Papadogamvros Athinas1292.jpg
Papadogamvros Athinas 1002.jpg
Papadogamvros Athinas1309.jpg
Papadogamvros Athinas1199.jpg
Papadogamvros Athinas 0973.jpg
Papadogamvros Athinas1279.jpg
Papadogamvros Athinas1108.jpg
Papadogamvros Athinas1276.jpg
Papadogamvros Athinas1217.jpg
Papadogamvros Athinas1327.jpg
Papadogamvros Athinas1118.jpg
Papadogamvros Athinas1208.jpg
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